Ray R. Collins

Biologist, Geologist,

Interplanetary Explorer


CELSS* Adventurer

* for those of you who don't know: CELSS means Closed Ecological Life Support System. See ISECCo for more details!

Welcome to my world wide web site. I first wrote this over the summer of 1995, and am still (forever--last major update in 2013) working on it. So please pardon any gaps you may find.

This web site is written primarily for my own entertainment. But if you have comments you think would improve it please let me know!
I may be reached at (907) 488-1001 (sorry, can't put email on the web!)

Emergencies: what to do if I go missing; gear comments, etc

Writing:Poetry,Diaries & auto-biography

Sailing: I'm nuts about sailing

My Library (incomplete)

Traveling: I love to travel

My Schooling: I'm keen on education


Growing up in the bush

Hobbies: many, many, too many!


Logbooks: Flying,Acrux sail boat, Scuba diving

Flying: I am crazy about flying. My Super Cub;310. Mom's 140.

Ray's Rentals: my rental business.[link fails]

ISECCo: The International Space Exploration and Colonization Company--"my" space group.

Links to a Few Friends & Places I like and/or visit often


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