SCUBA Diving

So, what the heck does SCUBA mean? Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

I first started SCUBA diving in 1984, when my dad wanted to learn. He paid for my SCUBA certificate as well (naturally I wouldn't turn that down!). But, by the next time I wanted to go diving, more than 10 years had passed. I'd also misplaced (or thrown out) my original log books. (So my original diving is not recorded here.) I re-took the class with Frankie in 1996 at the PADI certified school Ocean Concepts.

In 1999 we did a pair of dives off Oahu; see Frankie's journal for December 22.

In the spring of 2000 Frankie and I took a class on science diving.  I got a nasty cold, and they wouldn't let Frankie dive due to her heart, so of the trip to Home I only got in one short dive.

In 2001 we did a pair of dives off Tahiti (Feb. 10th) and a single dive off Caines in the Great Barrier Reef (Feb. 26) which you can read about in Frankie's journal of the honeymoon cruise.


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