Cessna 310

A Cessna 310 is a 2 engine, 200 mile-per-hour airplane. It can seat up to 5 people and haul a little over half a ton of stuff. The retractible gear allows the high speed, but even so you end up paying for it in gas--it only gets about 7 miles per gallon. It is a lot of fun to fly though, and I hope I can come up with the money (lots) to get it flying again before *too* long!

I bought my Cessna 310, tail number 320G (kind of a neat id for a 310), in 1988. Unfortunately less than a year after I got it an AD note came out on the props, and the cost to fix it has exceeded my budget. So it has been sitting, waiting for me to collect enough money (and time) to repair it. Which I don't expect to be any time soon.


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