Welcome to the Wonderful World of Frankie!

Hi. I am the organizational secretary for the International Space Exploration and Colonization Co. I have a great job helping to run TANSTAAFL Inc. In January 2001 I married the boss *grin*. We were married January 11, 2001 at the Community Church in Winchester, Idaho. Here's some pictures. We then flew to LA to begin our honeymoon, a 99 day world cruise! Here's a copy of the journal we kept.

As most of you know, Ray and I like to travel. Here (finally) is a page where you can see the journals and some photos of our trips together. If you know of a trip we took that you would like to see included but isn't please let me know. Anyway, to the travel page...

I have an older brother, Fred Nichols. He lives nearby in North Pole.

Ray and I became parents on April 19,2002 with the birth of our first child, Richard Robert Collins. Richie is a little bundle of energy making cute sounds and doing adorable baby things.