My Education

I am a firm believer in education. For everyone. No matter how old--or how young!

While I may not be the best student in the world (due more to spreading myself to thin than anything else), I am very passionate about learning. I believe that the more you know the better a person you are in general, and the more you can contribute to your own well-being (not to mention your ability to contribute to society in general).

Science is the core of our very existence. Without science we wouldn't have our modern foods (most significant because of the ease of production which allows the majority of people freedom from raising their own food), housing (electricity, heat, running water, etc), travel (bicycles to rocket ships) or any of the other essential and not-so-essential luxuries. You may say that we had food & housing & travel 5,000 years ago. This is true to a certain extent, but without science you couldn't fly to Europe in a day or transport Kansas grain to Siberia or live in Antarctica. Without science we would be living a cave-man existence, or worse. My favorite 'toy' (that is in quotes because for someone who spends a lot of time in the bush it is utilized more like most people use a car) is a plane (Super Cub, to be exact). Which wouldn't exist without science.

Enough philosophy. What have I done to further my education? Well, first I got a BS in Biology. Then I spent 15 years taking the odd class now & then. In 1997 I started a second degree, this time in Geology. Since I was partly retired at the time I've been putting forth a lot more effort into getting good grades, and have been fairly successful.

I got tired of the University of Alaska's lousy method of listing classes (I could never find what I wanted), so I've put all the classes I've ever taken here. This is mostly for my own benefit, to make it easier to look up classes and see where I'm at education-wise.


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I have been going partially paperless. These notes are really for my own use, and as a result are pretty disjointed and seriously incomplete. But feel free to brouse if you like!

Geology Classes & Info

For geology course descriptions see the Undergraduate Courses

A timeline for the earth comes in very handy once in awhile.


Computer Science Classes



Russian is a subject I have been pursuing diligently, and while I have a lot of notes in it I have not yet converted them to html format.

Other classes