Super Cub (PA-18)

A Super Cub is a small, 2 place airplane. It is know as a 'Bush Plane' in Alaska because it has excellent short field capabilities (meaning you can land it on those isolated sand bars!) My Super Cub is kept on skis in the winter, and floats in the summer. So it is only on wheels for a little bit of the year--as a matter of a fact it has been several years since it has been flown on wheels!

Floats (pontoons, whatever) are by far the best way to go. The general consensus among float plane pilots is that a Super Cub is the only plane you can go puddle-jumping in. On skis I have managed to take off in 100 feet; while on floats it doesn't perform nearly that well it still is an enthusiastic flier. Fully loaded on floats it will take off shorter and climb out faster than our Cessna 140.

I love to fly it on skis. Almost as much as floats! Here is a photo of the Cub on skiis, at a place just north of Mt. McKinley (I was flying some freight to my sisters who were mushing dogs to the mountains.) [PHOTO=60K]

Most of the hours in my logbook are in the Super Cub. Much of my flight time is flying back and forth to Lake Minchumina.



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