My Misc Writing

I enjoy writing. While browsing through here please keep in mind that much of this stuff is copy protected; if you want to use it you need permission in advance. I like to practice my writing skills in many subjects. One of which is (obviously) this web page. I have also written quite a few short articles, mostly for my own entertainment or for school. I have attempted to publish a few of my short SF stories (without success). Another thing I like to write is poetry. No, I don't have any real ambition to publish my poems in a book...though I may occasionally use one in other stories.

I also like to keep a logbook of my sailing trips, which I try to make entertaining. I have been keeping a very intermittent diary.


The current copyright laws protect this page, even though not specifically copyrighted.

However if you want to use portions of it feel free to do so, though I would appreciate it if you would acknowledge my authorship.

Last worked on spring 1999.

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