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The Acrux is a Norman Cross 42 MK II trimaran sailboat, modified with a sugar scoup (in 2004), which lengthened it to a 48' boat. 

Acrux is a star in the Southern Cross.  This is the origional name of the boat, as far as I know.

I first saw the Acrux in the winter of 1988.  I looked it over and decided that was the boat I wanted.  So I kept an eye on it.  The previous owner had not been taking very good care of it, and during the spring of 1989 he didn't pay the guy who was shoveling snow off it, and as a result a heavy snow pushed it beneath the water.  I saw this when I was in Valdez caring for the Red Rover.  A couple years later, in October 1991, I noticed an impound sign on the boat; the harbor master was trying to collect on unpaid bills.  So I got the owner's name from the harbor master and called him to make an offer.  I told him I'd seen the sign, and would give him $30,000 for the boat.  He refused, saying he was going to pay his harbor bill.  Two months later when I was in Valdez again the sign was still on the boat, so I called him again and offered him $12,500.  He refused, still insisting he would pay his bill.  The next month I called again and offered him $8,000.  He still insisted he was going to pay the harbor bill.  By February time was essentially out, so I called him and offered him $5,000.  He said he owed someone else $5,000 on the boat, I replied it didn't matter because there wasn't a lien on the boat but he insisted the other guy had to be paid.  So I got the lienholder's name and offered him a note for $5,000 or a check for $1,500.  He said 'send me a check'.  I called the owner back and he was still really reluctant to sell, but after talking with him for a half hour I managed to find a way to make it work: give him a buy-back option.  So he agreed to sell me the boat for $5,000 (less the $1,500 I sent the lienholder).  Of course I had to pay the harbor fees too, so by the time I had everything all cleared up I had nearly $7,500 into the boat.

The history on the boat is all hearsay.  But I believe it was built in Texas in 1978.  It was bought (owned?) by someone who had worked on the pipeline (the lienholder), who sailed it down through the Panama Canal and then to Alaska (by way of Hawaii?).  Then it was sold, I think to the guy I bought it from.

It was old and in very poor shape when I bought it in the spring of 1992.  I warned the city of Valdez that I wasn't going to have the money to fix it up for 10-12 years, and they assured me that it wouldn't be any trouble--I think they were so pleased to finally have someone who would take care of it they didn't care!!  I ordered a new slip for it, one on the end of a dock where it wasn't occupying 2 slips.  They were very helpful and soon I had it moved and could begin cleaning it up.

The Acrux had never been properly cleaned after being below the water (which I was informed had happened twice).  So I cleaned it out, removed a bunch of the old wiring (which was bad), removed the old stove and in general worked it over.  It didn't have a motor, so for the first summer I used a rickety little dingy to pull it in and out of the harbor with.  This photo is of my first sailing trip, in May 1992 (just a little over a month after I got the boat).  There was almost no wind so I left the boat sailing herself, took the dingy out and snapped some photos of it.  This remains one of the best photos I have of the Acrux!

I used the Acrux extensively in Prince William Sound in the 1990's, keeping intermittent logs.  In 2003 I sailed the boat to Seattle
and PMC totally rebuilt it, converting it into an essentually new boat.  While doing the rebuild I also added a sugar
scoup, which added 6 feet onto the length of the boat.  This makes it easy to board from a dingy, and it also
improves the shape of the hull, making the boat faster.

My sailing main  page.

Old logbooks from the 1990's.
In 2003 I sailed the Acrux to Seattle to have the proposed rebuild project made into realityPhoto of the "new" boat.

In May, 2004 we took the Acrux out for a week long shakedown cruise to test all the changes, putting
240 nautical (276 statute) miles on the boat.

In June (2004) we took possession of the Acrux from PMC and headed north with the boat.  When we
got to Seward we turned south, and (with a stop in Kodiak) headed for Hawaii.  We sailed a total of
5,105 statute miles over the summer. Our logbooks:
Between September and March we had some boat neighbors help keep and eye on the Acrux for us.  We'd call them occasionally to check, and they always had a good report for us.
On March 1st, 2005 we flew back to Hawaii to do some more sailing. We found everything in good shape, just as reported.  Our log for the rest of the summer is in 2 parts:

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