Acrux Log

July 3-July 15, 2004

Ketchikan to Sitka; 405 nautical mile

(1030 miles from Seattle)

by Frankie

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Saturday, July 3.  Ketchikan to Ratz Harbor. 48nm.

It was 1030 when we pulled out of Ketchikan. Ray returned the movie and got a few douhnuts while I washed the boat and filled water jugs. We all walked to the harbormaster office to pay the bill so we could get a little exercise. Spent the night in a cove named Ratz Harbor, which Ray stayed in last summer on the way down.

Sunday, July 4. Ratz Harbor to Wrangel. 44nm.

Sailed out of harbor this morning. Managed to sail all morning before the wind quit so we had to turn on the engine. Decided to go to Wrangel and see the fireworks. Nice little town. The harbor was crowded. We had to raft to 2 other boats. The fireworks started at 11pm or so at the head of the harbor off the dock. They were large and very loud echoed off the mountains. Several boats honked at the end. It was 1/2 hour show. Richie went to bed saying "boom, boom, boom, horn, horn". We met a nice family on the Freya (yellow sailboat parked ahead of us). They had an extra half pack of hot dogs which they gave us. We had them mixed with maceroni and cheese for dinner.

Monday, July 5. Wrangel to Petersburg. 39nm.

Left Wrangel at 630am to get the tide into the Wrangel Narrows. We arrived and anchord at Dona's house outside of Petersburg at 1pm. She came over in her boat. We had a light lunch then she took me out for a kayak lesson. A rain shower came up while we were out, making waves adn a few whitecaps. We were both soaked when we got back . Went up to her garden after it quit raining to pick greens and peas while Ray canoed back to our boat for diapers and shampoo. Then we all went to pick huckleberries, after which I took a shower and gave Richie a bath. Dona's husband and brother came back while we were picking berries and we all had dinner.

We planned to stay anchored all night in front of their house. Unfortunatly the wind came up and 230am saw us on the other side of the Narrows. It was raining and windy. We got dressed, up anchored and motored to the harbor in Petersburg where we were met by the harbormaster. We tied to the end slip and went back to bed at 4am.

Tuesday, July 6. Petersburg.

The weather forecast was rain and wind so we stayed in Petersburg. Dona came over and drove us around town to run errands- groceries, hardware store for calk and fish licenses, bought Richie and rain coat at a thrift store for 25. We had lunch at the boat then took a long nap. Dona's husband came and picked us up in their boat. He was later than expeced because they took a long nap too. Had dinner with then at their house and stayed until 10pm.

Wednesday, July 7.  Petersburg to Holkham Bay. 72nm.

Ray got up early, paid the harbor bill then we went and bought fuel (36.6 gals). Frankie felt file she was getting sick so spent most of the day in bed. She made  salmon salad for dinner from the can of smoked king salmon and fresh mixed greens Dona gave us. Yum! Motored most of the day. Anchored in a pretty spot- mountains, glaciers, waterfall, fireweed on the beach. We could hear lots of birds and even whales.

Thursday, July 8. Arrive in Juneau. 34nm.

Sunny and cool with calm winds and a bit hazy. We slept in until 8 then lazied around in bed for another hour playing with Richie. It was pretty cool (50 degrees) on board due to the ice floating around from the glaciers. Breakfast was oatmeal with the fresh huckleberries mixed in. Motored up Stephens Passage seeing whales and small iceburgs, on was covered in birds. Arrived in Juneau early evening. We didn't thing we could fit under the bridge so we tied up in Douglass Harbor. Went for  a short walk, called our parents then had dinner before going to bed.

Friday, July 9. Juneau.

Peter J. came over this morning to discuss business and visit around 1130. He gave us a ride into town. We walked around the downtown tourist area then had lunch at McDonalds. We had fudge from a shop- yum. Then we walked tot he harbormater office to register. Frankie got a book from their trade case then we took the city bus back to the boat harbor ad relaxed all evening.

Saturday, July 10. Juneau.

Cleanied up the boat after breakfast. Chris arrived a bit after noon and we took him sailing for 3 hours. When we got back we alled Mike and Barb. We took a bus into town to the state museum. After looking around the museum, we called Mike and Barb again and they picked us up. We all went out for a nice fish dinner. After dinner we went for  a drive. We saw a guy on a surfboard being pulled by a kite, then went to the glacier and to Mike and Barb's boat where we checked e-mail and had a nice visit.

Sunday, July 11. Juneau.

I went downtown to do laundry while Ray stayed with Richie on the boat. I was going to take the bus but a guy offered me a ride when I got to the top of the ramp. When the laundry was almost done, Barb came in the laundrymat. She wanted to wash their boat cover. The large washers were all full so she gave me a ride back to our boat.

Monday, July 12. Juneau to Tenaker Inlet. 74nm.

Ray got up early and we left Juneau. It was a nice, sunny day. We thought about going to the hot springs but it was late and we were tired.

Tuesday, July 13. Tenaker Inlet to Poison Cove. 60nm.

Another nice day until late afternoon when a headwind started blowing. Saw lots of ships today. We went by Angoon but didn't stop. The wind was howling and lots of whitecaps toward evening. We went into a pretty spot called Poison Cove where the wind and water was calm even though it wasn't a very big cove. A fishing boat came in and stayed around dark. We went about 55nm.

Wednesday, July 14. Poison Cove to Sitka. 34nm.

Continued up Peril Strait despite having no real chart, although we did have a Pilot book and the AK atlas. There were several large ships going through the narrows with us. We arrived in Sitka late afternoon. The Pilot book said transient moorage was in the south harbor. This ment going under a bridge. We weren't totally sure of our height. The indicator on the bridge said 55 feet clearance. We approached very slowly. Looking up you really can't tell if you have enough room to fit under when you are as close as we were. Luckily there was a man repairing the underside of the bridge who notice our predicament. He yelled (over from above us) we were ok with around 5 feet clearance. This meant we are 51 feet above water to fit safely. Unfortunatly the Pilot book was wrong, the north harbor has transient moorage, so back under the bridge we went. At least we now know what our height is.

We tied behind a big research boat. Still they were only 3-5 feet wider than us! The Freya was already there so we chatted for a little while. Then we walked to the harbormaster office to check in and got some yummy hamburgers down the street. It was too late to do any sightseeigntg so we went to the maring store and bought charts before going back to relax on the boat.

Thursday, July 15. Sitka.

We did a lot of walking today. Started by straightening the boat and putting the bedding outside to air before we headed into town to sightsee. We wandered around the totem park. Richie ran around the grass at the fort site. Then we went to the Raptor Center and saw eagles and other birds there. We walked along the highway until we came to a path through the wooks, which we took. It came out above the college. We walked most of the way though town before deciding to have a late lunch at Subway. Then back to the maring store for electrical parts. On the way we went into a bookstore (Richie's idea) and bought charts that the marine store didn't have.

It was a hot day and warm evening. Lots of people were out on their boats talking. We saw an untralight land so we got in the dinghy and rowed over for a closer look after talking to several people in the harbor.

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by Frances J.  Collins
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