Acrux Log

March 1-July 3, 2005

Sailing the Islands of Hawaii

1,105 nautical miles covered.

(5,545 miles since we left Seattle in 2004 )

Previous logbook: Seward to Hawaii

We arrived in Hawaii on the first of March, after a very nice visit with Frankie's parents in Spokane. 

Starting in early March, Frankie kept a diary/log of our adventures.  Hope you enjoy reading about them!

Ray writes: although we arrived on March 1st, Frankie didn't get going on the log/diary until the 5th.  We rented a car for a week when we arrived at the airport, and drove around quite a bit during the next few days.  We took awhile getting used to the heat (after all it was more than 90 degrees colder in Alaska when we left!)  We also spent time swimming, reading and generally relaxing after our (usual) difficult Alaska winter (difficult because of all the problems with rentals).  By the 5th, when Frankie begins her diary, we were nearly aclimatized, and starting to look foreward to getting out on the water.

Saturday, March 5
Goofed off most of the day.  Had salads from Wendy's for lunch.  Drove up to the North Shore where we bought t-shirts.  Dinner was garlic shrimp and rice.  Took a wrong turn going back but got straight.  Too windy to go swimming so Richie played in the sand while Ray stayed with Karen in the car since she is still sick.  Stopped for more salads on the way back to the Ko Olina marina.

Sunday, March 6
Finally a calm morning so we put on the main & jib, hoisted and washed them and the deck.  Went to sam's Club for provisions in the afternoon.  Had a hot dog and Richie had pizza at their cafe since we had a light breakfast.  Went to dinner with Pat & Gordon Wood off the Orion (they are the ones who had kept an eye on our boat all winter) at a restaurant near the golf course named Roy's.  Ray and Richie took a shower at the marina in the evening.

Monday, March 7
Decided to have breakfast at McDonalds.  Bought groceries and a coloring book at the store then drove to the North Shore to an egg dealer.  Unfortunately they are mainland eggs rather than fresh so we didn't get any.  We did stop at a couple of fruit stands.  Still have big waves up there.  Dinner was teriaki chicken & rice takeout.

Tuesday, March 8
Lounged around the boat until mid-morning when we drove to Brent's house for lunch of turkey sandwiches, fruit and chips.  After a nice visit we all went to Goodwill.  We bought a mug, muffin tin, vases and sandals.  We left early afternoon but got caught 3 hours in a nasty traffic jam.  We were very hungry so we wandered around looking for a restaurant for dinner.  Finally found an Outback Steakhouse and had steaks and yummy ice cream sundays for dessert.  A last nice dinner before returning the car tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 9
Went to breakfast at McDonalds then went to K-Mart to get airtight containers for flour, sugar, etc.  After getting gas, Ray took the kids and I back to the boat then he went to return the car.  He took a bus back because Brent was busy so it was late afternnon when he got back.

Ray writes: Final gas-up.  Dropped Frankie, Richie and Karen off and went to West Marine for more parts, checked out Keehi Lagoon for moorage.  Returned the rental car and caught a bus back to the boat (45 minute wait for the bus, 1 hour bus ride, 45 minute walk to the boat).  We had macaroni and cheese in the cockpit for dinner.  Bed 9:30.

Thursday, March 10
Spent most of the day doing 4 loads of laundry.  Ray spent most of that time finishing the 500 hour overhaul on the engine. 

Friday, March 11
I was going to go to the beach late afternoon but spent the time visiting a couple who are planning a trip up the Inside Passage this summer.  Baked bread in the morning.  Did more laundry and washed a couple blankets this afternoon.

Saturday, March 12
Baked banana bread this morning with the last banana.  Went to the harbor office to talk to RD and let them know we will be leaving tomorrow.  Stopped at the store for cold drinks because it is a hot day.  This evening was a pot luck.  I cut half the banana bread into small pieces and brought that.  Nice group get together.  Afterward we had Ella (age 4) and Trey (age 12) come over to watch Loonie Toons with Richie while we chatted with Ella's mom.

Sunday, March 13: Ko Olina to Keehi Harbor [17.9 knautical miles, 20.6 statute]
Got up early and prepared the boat to leave.  There were squalls all around making Ray nervous about getting away from the slip.  Gabrielle gave us 2 bottles of soda before we left.  We were lucky and the wind behaved so we got out without trouble.  We motored to the fuel dock, filled up, threw out the trash.  2 squalls came up so we wited for them to pass and I bought 2 teriaki chicken and rice lunches from the deli.  Finally we were off.  We sailed away from the dock as the harbor staff came out to wave goodbye.  This has been a great place to stay.  We will miss it but it is time to move on.  We had a great sail.  Didn't use the motor at all until getting to Keehi Lagoon marina.  We need to try having the hull scraped soon.  We arrived around 4:30 and tied to the dock to be inspected tomorrow then tidied up the boat.

Monday, March 14: Keehi Harbor to Waimanalo [26.9 kts, 30.9 statute]
Nate, his sister Jess, his parents Jim and Pam, and Katy were supposed to get here at 10 am but it was after 11 when they actually arrived.  We stowed their stuff and were sailing before noon.  It was fairly rough but we had quartering or following seas for the worst of it.  Nice sunny day again.  Good sailing wind 15-20 knots but since we haven't had the hull scraped we were only doing 7-9.  Nate, Jess and Jim each had a turn at the helm.  The wind abruptly shifted just before Diamond Head and we stalled before getting the sails set again.  We went around to a bay on the windward side.  The book says once past the reef you can anchor anywhere so we chose a spot and dropped the anchor.  We were deciding to eat or go ashore when 2 police cars drove up on the beach.  Ray rowed over.  Turns out during the week the military use that area.  We had to move a few hundred yards down and drop anchor again.  No big deal, just wish there was some mention of it in the book.  The Olesons decided since Pam was slightly seasick and it was a nice night they would sleep on deck.  We brought out the 2 mattresses and bedding.  Dinner was 2 big sandwiches, grapes and chips they brought.  Everyone was asleep by 8 pm.

Tuesday, March 15
We had oatmeal for breakfast.  Everyone was up by 7.  Ray and Jim took a bus to own to get their car.  Nate rowed them to shore and had some trouble getting through the shore breakers getting back to the boat.  We sunbathed, sang, and relaxed all morning.  The guys arrived around 1 pm with hot dogs, buns and baked beans to have with my potato salad for lunch.  After lunch they packed their stuff in plastic bags and loaded them in the dinghy.  Nate, Katy and Jim swam ashore while Pam and Ray went in the dinghy.  Nate lost an oar in the water getting to shore picking up Jim and Ray but got it back.  We had leftovers for dinner then went to bed early.  It was nice to have company onboard.  I think everyone had fun, even Pam who was seasick.  Katy got a sunburn.  I looked at their sunscreen.  It was only SPF 4!  The others are red in places too.  We use 30 and still get tanned, just takes a bit longer and usually don't get burned unless it wears off or don't put enough on.

Wednesday, March 16: Waimanalo to Keehi Harbor [26.9 kts, 30.9 statute]
Spent a lazy morning on the boat.  Did dishes, read and tried to take a nap in the afternoon.  We were just getting ready to start dinner at 6 pm when Ray noticed the boat had swung around opposite the wind.  He went out and checked.  Sure enough we lost our anchor.  Apparently the rope wrapped around a coral and wore through.  We pulled what was left of the rope aboard, started the motor and put up the jib then headed back to Keehi.  It was a lot calmer than when we sailed over.  We debated raising the main but that sounded like too much work and went with motor and jib.  We arrived at 11:30, tied to the dock and went to bed. It was a nice trip even if the reason wasn't.  The lights off Waikiki and downtown Honolulu were pretty to see from sea.  The buoys for the harbor entrance channel were a bit hard to distinguish from the shore lights, however, the range was nicely lit and easy to follow in.

Thursday, March 17
The Harbormaster inspected the boat this morning and gave us trash and oil placards before allowing us a morring ball.  Ray arranged a diver to scrape the hull today.  The harbor said we could stay tied to the dock for this and while Ray got parts and a new anchor from West Marine.  The diver arrived late morning and took over an hour to scrape off the hull.  He also sealed a crack in the keel and replaced the zincs.  Ray then walked to West Marine.  He got a new galley fresh water pump, anchor, chain and related parts.  One of the store emplyees drove him back.  I took a shower.  Ray worked on the anchor and visited a man on the dock while I cooked dinner.  Ray saw a rat so we decided to move to the mooring ball.  After dinner I rowed ashore to try calling the Olesons about breakfast and fill the water bottles.  The mooring ball is a bit closer to the airport so it is noisier.  One jet woke us all up in the middle of the night.  I washed the deckc while the diver was scraping the hull.  The new expensive brush works great!  Got off stuff the other one missed, yet didn't scratch.

Friday, March 18
Fianlly reached the Olesons in the hotel  They are meeting us for lunch.  Jim picked us up at noon.  We went to a restaurant in the Ala Moana Shopping Center where we had great hamburgers and salad bar.  After lunch Ray and Richie went with Jim and his daughter Jess to a computer store while Pam, Katy, Nate, Karen and I stayed at the mall.  Pam decided we needed an umbrella stroller for Karen from sears.  Katy and Nate left to do their own shopping.  On the way to Sears, we stopped at Baby Gap.  Pam bought Richie a shirt and shorts but didn't like the girl clothes.  At first we only saw big strollers.  Then we found baby clothes and spent a long time finding outfits for Karen before I finally found what we had come for--an umbrella stroller.  pam bought the stroller and several outfits for Karen before we saw across the aisle were toddler clothes but it was 4 PM-time to meet the others.  Oh, well, he had 1 outfil new as well so he won't be jealous, plus he can help push the new stroller.  Ray had come back with a wireless modem and a new pair of shoes.  Jim drove us back to the harbor.  Their filght leaves tonight.  We worked some on the boat installing a new galley pump while dinner was cooking.  Jim stopped at West Marine so Ray could get a part and chart before returning us to the marina.  They had some left over food and box of laundry soap which they gave to us.

Saturday, March 19: Keehi Harbor to Lono Harbor (Molokai) [41.4 knts, 47.6 statute miles]
Ray paid the harbor bill while I prepared the boat to leave.  We motored out of the harbor and raised the sails.  There was an outrigger canoe race which we took pictures of while raising the sails.  There were a lot of sailboats near Waikiki which we suspected were racing.  We passed a small cruise ship which was tilting slightly from people all standing on one side to watch a whale.  We saw several whales as we sailed to Molokai.

It was a good sail with 10 knot winds mostly.  We were able to sail 7-8 knots.  We sailed up to Lono Harbor, an abandoned barge harbor.  There are 3 other sailboats in here.  People are fishing from the breakwater.  It was fairly easy to get into here but we dropped sails and motored in just to be safe.  There's a breakwater on either side of the narrow entrance, a warf in sad shape but still with usable ties, a coral sand beach on one side, even a picnic table in the shade.

Sunday, March 20
After breakfast, Ray pumped the bilges and I did dishes.  We then read until late morning when we all took the dinghy to the beach.  We took turns swimming with Richie and lounging on the sand.  Richie brought his bucket & shovel which he had fun with.  We walked about a mile up the road with Karen in her new stroller.  Lunch was sandwiches & fruit.  We took several pictures today.  We were lounging on the boat while Richie took a nap when a guy rowed over and invited us to their boat for dinner.  His name is Nathan and his friend is John.  They were supposed to deliver their boat from Honolulu to Taiwan, but discovered the keel bolts were loose and the boat took on a lot of water on the way to Molokai so they are staying here until the owner decides what to do.  Dinner was baked potatoes, stir fry and big chicken.  Funny since Ray was wondering how to catch a wild chicken for dinner.  Also 2 bottles of wine (1 they had, 1 we brought).  It was a nice visit.  They said we could borrow their rental car tomorrow to expore the island.  The were talking of wanting to go to Maui so we may head there next to give them a lift since their boat isn't going anywhere soon.

Monday, March 21
After oatmeal breakfast, we packed a few things and rowed to shore where we borrowed a rental car.  The keys were in it where they said they would be.  We drove up the dirt road into Lodge, a small village where we went to a store for bread, butter and a papaya.  Then we got onto the paved Rte 160 to the main city.  Richie fell asleep so we kept driving.  It was a nice drive.  The road was narrow and got more so by the end it was one lane but still paved.  Drove back to the city where Ray dashed off an e-mail before we returned to the boat.  Saw several mongoose today along the road.  Got back at 3 just as the guys wer borrowed the car from returned from their hike to a ship wreck.  The boat was very hot from being shut all day.  We laid around and read before spaghetti dinner after sunset.  The guys came over and we finalized plans to go together to Maui on Wednesday.  The car was a yellow Chevy Cavalier.  We bought gas for it, seemed the least we could do since if we had to rent it for a day it would have been at least that much plus gas!  Lunch was leftover chicken and fruit from last night.

Tuesday, March 22
Ray went into town with John and Nathan to make phone calls and check e-mail.  Becca has arrived in Maui.  We took turns swimming in the afternoon.  Nathan and John had us over for drinks and spicy sausages for dinner.  They will be over at dawn so we can get an early start to Maui tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 23: Lono Harbor to Lahaina (Maui) [34 kts, 39.1 statute]
John and Nathan arrived at first light.  Everyone helped prepare the boat and we were underway around 7 am.  Breakfast was teh last of the oatmeal.  Not much wind for sailing but we gave it a good try.  John brought a fishing pole but even though we had 2 lines out all day had no luck.  Saw lots of whales and a shipwreck off lanai.  Motorsailed in the afternoon and arrived at Lahina around 5 pm.  John helped us pick a spot to anchor.  He went snorkeling and found an old mooring which we tied to as well as putting out the anchor.  I made potato salad while Ray rowed them ashore.  We will try to find Becca tomorrow.  We walked to the mall where Richie and I had ice cream and then poked around the bookstore before returning to the boat and going to bed.

Thursday, March 24
Put the motor on the dinghy this morning.  Not much gas left so we packed the gas can to get more.  We all got in the dinghy and motored around to the corner to find the Angelique and Becca.  Found the boat and her.  She is going to Honolulu for the weekend to a frisbee tournament and will be back Monday.  We then went to the fuel dock which was annoyingsince they only take credit fromt heir company as payment, which we didn't have.  Ray wlked to the yacht club to borrow a card.  I had to move while he was returning the card since the fuel dock is also the ferry dock and ti came in.  We returned to the boat and took turns swimming off the boat.  Becca came over around 2:30 to see the boat and arrange meeting again Monday.  The water is pretty and clear with turtles swimming all around.

Friday, March 25
The wind has been increasing all afternoon.  We were going to go ashore but it was too windy.  Its also raining off and on.  Tightened teh starboard windows which got rid of all but one leak.  Unfortunately it is int he middle of the bed.  Put a towel under the window.  Its not leaking much.  Set the mouse traps since Ray heard a mouse again.  Richie had croup last night so he and Ray slept outside where it was cooler.  He is still sick today but not much croup.

Saturday, March 26
The wind is still blowing hard.  We broke the mooring this mornign so are just held by the anchor now.  We've been tanking turns on an anchor watch setting up shifts which we will continue until the wind lets up or shifts directionso we won't be blown ashore if we loose the anchor.  By late afternoon it is blowing 30 and gusting to around 40 with no sigh of change.  We both watch and help with rice for dinner.  Ray will watch 10-2 and I 2-6 am then ray again 6-10.  Most of the waves are 3-5 feet but a few larger ones have broken over the boat.  The forecast is for the wind to begin changing tomorrow si it comes out of the east.  Hope they are right.  We are down to our last 5 gallons of fresh water.  We could all use a bath and do laundry.  The trash (diapers mostly) is starting to build up.  At least the anchor seems set hard and holding good.

For a few days, Ray took over keeping the log.  He writes:
Sunday, March 27
Took Richie to the beach.

Monday, March 28
Becca was supposed to arrive;we took turns going to town.  Unfortunately, when we finally reached her, it turned out she broke a rib in her frisbee tournament and is flying home.

Tuesday, March 29
We explored a park that had a terrific Banjion tree in the morning, and in the evening we went to a timeshare ad (they talk you into listening to them try to sell a timeshare to you in exchange for something...we got a very nice luau out of it).

Wednesday, March 30
Loefflers came over for a very nice visit.  We took our laundry ashore and the Loefflers gave us a ride to the laundromat, so we got that all caught up.  In the evening we went to the free luau.

Thursday, March 31
Company--we 'picked up' some people and had them out to the boat (for lunch, if my memory serves--I am writing this 5 years later!).  The daughter Paige cut her foot rather nastily on some coral while we were snorkeling along the beach.

Friday, April 1
Spent the day on anchor watch, reading.  Little rocky, winds to 30.  Drug anchor about 100'.  At dusk we tied off to a moring that we'd drug down near.  Didn't go ashore all day because of the wind.

Saturday, April 2  Lahaina to Ahihi Bay (Maui) [26 kts, 29.9 statute]
Richie and I went ashore for water.  We took the rope off the mooring ball, got the anchor in and were under way by 11.  Light winds (figures), calms, and then gusts to 45 with sustained of about 30.  Full main and jub --we controlled our speed by heading very close into the wind.  This blast was coming between the two mountains of Maui, and was only with us for half a mile. 

We arrive at Ahihi Bay (on south Maui) about 3 pm.  Anchored in good sand, snorkeled the anchor to make sure it was set properly and then Frankie swam ashore.  Cabbage and carrot and onion and ramen-jerky stir fry for dinner.  Yummy!  Popcorn for desert.  We watched a video (on the computer) before we went to bed.

Frankie resumes:
Sunday, April 3
Windy most of the day so we spent it aboard reading.  Went snorkeling briefly in the afternoon.  Several people swam out from the beach at different times, including a couple who brought beer and wanted to drink it aboard.  Ray told them no.  A small float anchored briefly by us and thought we were dragging anchor but we just had a lot of scope out and so were swinging on it.  Coast Guard came by later, waved, we waved back, they went away.

Monday April 4: Ahihi Bay to 5 Needles (Lanai) [41.9 kts, 48.2 statute]
We left around 8 am.  No wind so we motored. we were going to stop for snorkeling at Molokini but there werwe a lot of other boats there so we kept going.  Sailed for a few hours before the wind died again and it got HOT.  Motored the S of Lanai to 5 Needles.  Once we rounded the S side of Lanai we were into a hard headwind but no waves.  Passed a samll harbor but decided to go on.  Found a small cove at 5 Needles where we anchored.  Nice anchorage.  Little wind, calm, quiet, surrounded on 3 sides by cliffs.  Went snorkeling before dinner.  Watched a movie after dinner, then bed.

Tuesday, April 5
Did lots of swimming/snorkeling today.  Richie even got dunked in the water.  Gave Karen a bath.  Ray worked ont eh solar panel wiring so we can get rid of the wire going in the compass hole and mount the compass again.  Left over spaghetti for lunch.  Cole slaw, carrots, and stuffing for dinner.  Movie and then bed.  Read outside before dark.  I fell asleep on the roof.  A bird flew into the wires and fell onto the deck.  We put it out of teh wind.  Hopefully it will be ok.  We think it was a Petrol from looking int he book.  It is a sooty grey color about the size of a tern.

Wednesday, April 6: 5 Needles to Lono Harbor [17.8 kts, 20.5 statute]
Ray got me up at 8 am.  Swells were getting into the cove and the dinghy was now in the breakers.  We upped anchor and repositioned the boat a little more toward the mouth of the cove.  By 9:30 swell was still in the cove so we decided to leave and go to Lono Harbor on Molokai.  We raised anchor, motored out and put up the jib.  Fast sail doing 5-6 with just the jib all day.  Arrived and doubled tied across the back of the harbor.  Watched another movie before bed.

Thursday, April 7: Lono Harbor to Keehi Harbor [41.4 knts, 47.6 statute miles]
Read after breakfast then I swam over to the beach where Ray and Richie rowed out to meet.  I played with Richie inthe shoallows while Ray carried the trash out.  Fund a 5 inch dead crab which I showed Richie.  I swam and the guys rowed back to the boat.  We then untied and put up the jib and main reefed to 3rd (smallest) point.  Sailed up the coast and had tuna with crackers outside for lunch.  Raised the mizen at 1330.  That increased out speed from 5-6 to 7-9 with occasionally 10.  Fun, fast sail the rest of the day.  Large 8-12 foot rolling waves.  Arrived at Keehi at 1830.  Tied to the dock then had spaghetti for dinner.  Watched the other half of last night's movie before bed.

{big gap??}

Ray takes over:
Thursday, April 14
Drove over to the "lost anchor" beach.  Too many waves for diving.  I spent the afternoon using the internet.

Friday, April 15
Last minute shopping.  Ray and Frankie returned the rental car and walked back to the boat

Saturday, April 16 Keehi Harbor to Keehi Harbor [49 kts, 56.4 statute]
Departed Keehi.  We got to the NW end of Oahu and the engine quit with water in the fuel.  Fixed and went back to Keehi.

Sunday, April 17 Left Keehi Harbor
Karli visited her brother.  Ray went into Wikiki to do email.  We departed about 6 pm.  Sailed with poor wind all night.

Monday, April 18 Arrived Nawiliwili [95 kts, 108 statute]
We arrived in Nawiliwili, anchoring about 5 pm after a very nice sail.  1 day out of Honolulu.

Tuesday, April 19
We spent a very nice day on the beach by the hotel.

Wednesday, April 20
Karli took the day off.  I worked on the ham radio.

Thursday, April 21
We all headed in to the beach (in front of the hotel) in the dingy.  As we approached shore a wave turned us sideways, and the next one rolled us over.  I grabbed Karen (who was laughing--didn't scare her a bit; probably too young to realize the danger) and Frankie helped Richie (he was scared).  Unfortunately the motor was ruined (though we didn't determine that until more than a year later).  We spent the rest of the day 'recovering' and searching the beach for stuff that was on the boat.  Our cameras were toast (but, fortunately, not the card so we didn't loose any images), as was Karli's walkman.

Friday, April 22
Ray walked 2.5 miles up to the airport and rented a car.  Drove to Waimea Canyon (Wow--it is known as the Grand Canyon of Hawaii for good reason).  Frankie sprianed her ankle.  We invited the doctor who was there (!) and his mom to dinner, and had a very nice visit with them.

Saturday, April 23
We drove up to the NE end of the road.  Viewed neat falls, caves and pretty beaches including Hanalei Bay.  From 1-3:30 we took Richie to the park.  Visited Morgan "Collins" & Kyle until 6.  We ate out for dinner, on the way back to the boat.

Sunday, April 24
Last day of the car.  We drove to barking sands beach, looked at the blowhole, bought corn and fruit and lettuce, etc.  Karli did laundry and Ray returned the car.  Frankie took the kids to the beach.  We went to a bakery for lunch.

Frankie resumes:
Monday, April 25
Ray took the shuttle to town and bought a new camera to replace the broken one.  Back to the boat around 2 pm.  Karli went to town on her own.  Frankie stayed with the kids on the boat.

Tuesday, April 26
Karli went to town.  Ray and Frankie went for a nice dinner at Duke's Restaurant in the Marriott hotel in the evening, while Karli watched the kids on the boat.

Wednesday, April 27
Karli and Franki caught the shuttle to town.  Went to the museum, then bought groceries.  Stopped at a thrift store for books, then Subway for lunch.  Caught another shuttle back to the cruise ship terminal and then back to the boat.

Ray continues:
Thursday, April 28
Showers; Ray and Frankie went to NAPA to get a fuel pump for the engine.  On the way back we picked tangerines.

Friday, April 29
Spent the afternoon at the beach.  Karli and Frankie went swimming in the pool.  Long row, as the dingy outboard wasn't fixed yet.  On the wya back we stopped by the Black Dragon.  Then, after dinner, they came over to our boat and we chatted for an hour or so.

Saturday, April 30 Nawiliwili to Honalei Bay [31.7 kts, 36.4 statute]
Departed Nawiliwili.  Unfortunately we wound up motoring all day, for the head wind followed us around the island.  Arrived in Hanalei Bay in the late afternoon.  We anchored behind the reef, but were still in 3' swells.  Good holding though, so no problem  In the evening we watched South Seas, and thought, hey!  We recognized the dock in the movie--we were anchored just off it!!

Sunday, May 1
In the morning we all went ashore.  Ray stayed with the kids on the beach while Karli and Frankie walked into town to see if they could find a gas station (with all the motoring the previous day we were low on fuel).  No luck.  we waited for Karen to wake up from her nap and then went back to the boat.  Late in the afternoon Ray swam ashore (there was quite a current past the boat, so it was a difficult swim to the dock--but an easy drift on the way back!) to use the phone.  we'd been worried we weren't anchored in a good place so we moved the boat 150 feet.

Frankie resumes:
Monday, May 2 Left Honalei Bay
Left Honalei Bay earling in the morning.  Motored along the Na Pali Coast then SE toward Oahu.  Couldn't get ashore due to wind and waves.  Saw tour boats along the coast.  Raised sails in the later afternoon, but there was little wind.  Ray's birthday dinner of fresh bread, spaghetti and peanut butter cookies.  Saw some dolphins.

Tueday, May 3
Forward progress slow but steady.  Ray got the watermake working.  The water from it tastes good.  Saw a huge pod of dolphins and a few whales.

Again, Ray takes over:
Wednesday, May 4
Very slow sailing day.  No or light winds all night--only a few miles of progress overnight.  Very slow sailing during the day, tacking into a 6-8 knot headwind.  Mid afternoon the wind quit and Frankie and I went swimming.  I worked some on the hull scraping it.  Then we motored very slowly (1500 RPM) toward Ko Olina.  About 4 pm the engine quit.  fuel starvation.  So I installed the new fuel pump.  Then we salied...very slowly.  After dark there was a lot of traffic as we passed Ko Olina and headed toward Honolulu.

Thursday, May 5 Arrived Keehi Harbor [156 kts, 180 statute]
We sailed all night in very light airs.  By first light we still had 15 miles to go.  When we got within 4 miles we started the engine and motored in.  We tied up at the fuel dock to get fuel and Karli went off for her day off while we got fuel.  Then we motored down to the temporary dock and went to get a mooring ball.  The harbormaster was busy so we hung out on the boat.  In the mid afternoon I walked to West Marine for parts and hardware.  On the way back he went to Subway and brought back dinner.  Elmar stopped by about 6:30 and Karli got back about 7.  We were very nauhty and stayed up talking until 1:30 am with Elmar.

Friday, May 6: Keehi Harbor to Lono Harbor [41.4 knts, 47.6 statute miles]
We left about 8 am for Molokai.  Sailed close-hauled until in the wind shadow of Molokai and then motored to Lono harbor.  Got the anchor down by 4 pm.

Saturday, May 7
Took a day off to scrape the hull.  Record high temperatures!  In the late evening 3 fishing boats and a sailboat from Ketchikan came in for the night.

Sunday, May 8: Lono Harbor to Ahihi Bay [57.3 kts, 65.9 statute]
Lono harbor to Ahihi Bay.  Motor-sailed all the way, mostly close-hauled against the 20-25 knot wind.  We had planned on spending the night in La Parouse (sp?) bay, but the wind was nasty in it.  Movie after dinner of macaroni and cheese.

Monday, May 9: Ahihi Bay to Umiwai Bay Hawaii (big island) [36.1 kts, 41.5 statute]
I got up at 5 am so we could get across before the wind picked up in the afternoon.  It was a good crossing, though (as reported) fairly rough.  We anchored in an open bay called Umiwai bay.  It was good holding in sand, which was good because it was fairly exposed.  Frankie went swimming in the afternoon, and invited Karli to go with her, but she declined so Frankie went alone while I took a nap. 

Tuesday, May 10:  Umiwai Bay to Hilo [67.3 kts, 67.3 statute]
We left early in the morning for Hilo.  This turned into a long beat into the wind, and we were in a hurry to make it to Hilo before dark.  Unfortunately we didn't make it, but we went on into Hilo anyhow.  Turned out to be well lit, and we went in under motor very slowly, so we didn't have any trouble finding where we needed to be.  We anchored in the outer part of the inner harbor.

Sometime during our long beat into the wind we lost the back hatch off the stern.  Guess one of those big waves got it.


Saturday, May 14
Dropped Karli off at the airport in the afternoon.  She's going to Honolulu for the weekend.  Had hamburgers at a drive in for dinner.

Sunday, May 15
Drove around the north coast and back on the Saddle Road.  Subway for dinner.  Lunch at a mall in Waimea.  Got down to 59 on the drive back through the mountains.

Monday, May 16
Ray checked email in the afternoon.  I went shopping after he got plywood from teh hardware store.  Its not marine ply just treated ply, but better than nothing.  Unfortunately he didn't realize this until after it was cut so we can't bring it back.

Tuesday, May 17
Went to Ken's Pancake House for breakfast then picked Karli up at the airport.  Did a few chores then drove to the volcano and then to Kona for diving.  Went on 2 dives.  The boat operator was nice enough to watch the kids so we could all dive.  The first dive there was still light along the reef.  Lots of fish, even an eel.  Had some chicken (KFC they provided) then dove again after dark.  Went to 30 feet and saw Manta Rays.  They are huge!  Lots of divers down.  Use lights to attract the plankton the rays then come to feed.  Ray and I got food poiosoning and were sick on the way home.  Got back to the boat around midnight.  Long day.

Wednesday, May 18
Had a discussionwith Karli this morning before going with Ray to Wal Mart for diapers.  Left kids with her.  Decided its not going to work having her aboard any more; she isn't doing what we need her to do (watch the kids--out of the whole time she has been with us we've only gone out to dinner without the kids once) but maybe once a week.  She doesn't want to be here and acts like it--it is like having 3 kids aboard, not 2.  As long as I can handle the kids while Ray is gone it will work out, and I managed to get Karen ashore without help, which was what I was most worried about.  We told her when we got back to the boat and she packed and I dropper her off at a hostel in the early afternoon. 

Ray comments: we tried real hard to make this work but Karli just didn't even try.  Her whole attitude can be shown by her comment about the absolutely increadible dive (which she did too): "That was too long a drive to get back."  Never thanked us for providing her with the opportunity or anything.  Ideally we should have left her with the kids (that was why we spent the money to bring her over, and paid for her food and everything on the boat) and gone without her.

We did a few chores then drove up to the volcano.  Kids slept.  I read signs along Chain of Craters Road and did a little hiking while Ray read a book.  Went to Volcano House for our last dinner together before he leaves tomorrow.  I called Dad.  Mom is inthe hospital having breathing trouble.

Thursday, 5/19
Got an early start on chores this morning.  Drove up to Volcano Park.  Walked Devastation Trail with the kids then to Volcano House for lunch.  Drove back to the boat stopping briefly at the store mid-afternoon.  Did the last few chores then took Ray to the airport.  We extended the car rental until Ray gets back to make it easier for me alone with the kids.  Everyone in the harbor is sympathetic and supportive even had offers to babysit sommetimes.  Richie went with a woman on her kayak in the harbor before dinner of mac and cheese.  Finally cleaned the broken glass in the forepeak tonight.  Using a rope to raise and lower Karen in her car seat (withlife jacket on of course) works real well.  Richie can climb the ladder by himself.  Also use the rope to get bags up and down.  Mom is in the hospital again and will be admitted.  Finally talked to Laura.  All is fine in Alaska.  We talked about 15 minutes.

Friday, 5/20
Rained all night, pretty hard at times.  As a result the dinghy was ankle deep in water.  After getting kids dressed they played together inside while I used a pot and sponge to bail it out.  Fixed oatmeal for breakfast in a small pot but still made too much by 1 serving.  Too used to cooking for 3 I guess.  Payed the harbor bill for the next 10 days then did laundry-3 loads.  Had hot dogs and juice for lunch.  At the library we read 4 books then went to the fruit market.  I set up a play date for Richie late afternoon while I chatted with their moms.  The live-aboard families had a pot luck tonight since several will be leaving in the next few days.  Richie didn't eat.  He just played with Jocelyn (age 7) and Lolo (age 3) all evening.  I brought banana bread which Richie helped make by smashing the banana.

Saturday, 5/21
Richie woke up at 6 am.  When I told him to go back to bed because it was too early he said "Sun's up.  It's not too early."  He played quietly until 9:30 then got me up fo rthe day.  Left the boat about 10:30 and visited until after 11.  We were going to the zoo but Richie fell asleep in the car.  Called Ray and Dad at 2:30.  Mom is still in the hospital.  All is fine with Ray.  Went to the park in Kurtistown so Richie could play and Karen nurse.  Bought groceries.  Richie wouldn't eat anything since breakfast and I was hungry so we ate at Taco Bell.  Stayed and talked at the harbor for an hour or so then came to the boat for bed.  They are loading the cattle onto the barge now.  What a thing to wake up to this morning--moo moo and the smell.  Glad we are anchored rather than on the wall, it was real bad there since they were parked just beyond the bathroom.

Sunday, 5/22
Slept until 8:30 after feeding Karen at 6.  I put her back in her car seat (she slept the night beside me on the bed) and awoke with Richie beside me.  We drove to Kurtistown park for an hour then lunch and the kids napped while I read at the volcano.  It was 78 there but 90 when we left the harbor.  Stopped at the park for another hour on the way back to the boat.  Stir-fry over white rice for dinner.  Relaxed and read until bed.  Called Dad.  Mom is still in the hospital but responding good to the medicines.

Monday, 5/23
Richie woke up at 6:30 hungrey.  He was very fussy until I finally got him to take a nap at noon.  I read for an hour then napped for an hour.  Called Ray.  Had to go to the laundromat since all the phones were in use by cruise ship staff.  We then drove to the park in Kurtistown.  No other kids there so we left after Karen ate.  We then drove to a play park in Hilo near the firestation.  It was much nicer.  Its got a nice fence, good grass, playground, clean bathroomand benches in the shade.  Much better.  No alcoholics like at Kurtistown in the pavillion.  Its also closer so I think we found our park.  Found the 2 water bottles left for me.  Now I have 3 big bottles with handles.  Hope they will last since the plastic is flimsy.  The first bottle lasted 2 days for drinking.  I can use the jugs for cooking and washing.  I've already used the first 5 gallons since Ray left.  We also have 3 Gatoraide bottles in the car for driving, at the park, etc.  Doctored all our sores with Betadine before bed.  Richie's fingertip is very sore.  His elbow is healing but the scabs keep coming off his knees.  Hope they don't scar.  My heel is very sore.  Can't put much weight directly on it.  Can't see a cut so probably got a splinter or something in it.  Bed at 9:30.

Tuesday, 5/24
Gave the kids a shower.  What a disaster--Karen doesn't fit in the sink pan anymore.  The handicap bench in the shower is broken so I washed her in the sink and she screamed the entire time.  Richie wanted to play in the sink while I was sashing her and he was fussy.  Finally got her clean then took a shower with Richie.  His finger started bleeding and that made him even more fussy.  Went to Subway for lunch then to the zoo.  by then the kids were pretty tired and fell asleep in the car.  Parked at an overlook and read while they slept.  Then to the park.  Called Dad ont eh way back to the boat.  Mom is not doing good.  She was put into the cardiac ICU this afternoon.  The doctors had to shock her heart because it was beating off rythm.  She's now in a light coma.  No one's sure what's going to happen next.  She's too weak to operate on which is what normally happens with this type problem.  The valve is not shutting and so lets blood flow backwards.  I'm scared and never felt more alone.  Ray's in Alaksa and I have no frieds here, just the kids who are already stressed missing their Daddy.  Tried to call Laura but got no answer.  Got a few cute pictures at the zoo and park today.

Wednesday, 5/25
Mom is slightly better but but still in ICU.  Called Ray.  He has a small cold.  I gave him the list of veggies I want for the greenhouse.  Drove around the entire island today.  Since it was dark we drove to the overlook to see the lava glow when we went by the park.  Got back at 10:30.  Bought a baby bathtub and a few other things for the kids at Goodwill.

Thursday, 5/26
Richie won't eat lunch and little breakfast so is fussy all day.  Went to the bank main office but the line was long and slow so we left and went to the branch by the library which had no line.  Got $200.  After the kids nap, we went to the library.  Richie wanted to do math.  I found a number book and was looking for another when Richie got a book and proudly announced we were doing math today.  It was another counting book!  Drove the Saddle Road in the afternoon.  Rice and ravioli for late dinner.  It rained off and on all day.  It was raining so hard at 4:30 this morning I couldn't see accross the bay.  The rain woke up Karen and I it was so noisy.  Needless to say I had to bail out the dinghy this morning.  Its hot and muggy on the boat tonight.

Friday, 5/27
I couldn't remember when the harbor needed to be paid so I paid until the 11th.  We then drove to the volcano.  It was raining most of the day.  We took showers this morning.  I put Richie in the shower while I bathed Karen.  Her tub worked great.  Called Ray and Dad.  All is fine in both places.  Rented 2 movies The Incredables and 13 Going on 30.  Watched Incredables but the battery was getting low so we went to bed instead of watching the second one.  Mac & cheese with boiled carrots for dinner.

Saturday, 5/28
Sweet rolls and tea for breakfast.  Downloaded the camera, did dishes and general cleaning this morning.  One of the wires came loose from the solar connection so I took them apart, cleaned off what corrosion I could then re-twisted them.  That got 1.5 amps.  Not great but better than nothing.  I also wrapped tape around it so it won't come apart again.  It has been raining a lot last few days so I pumped the bilge but the pump clogged.  Had to clean up the remains of the oil cloth to fix it.  Watched the other movei.  Had a picnic lunch at the volcano then drove to the zoo.  Got there just before the petting zoo closed.  Richie got to pet a cow, pony, nene and a duck.  They had 2 mongoose in cages.  They are neat.  Their coat is actually 2 alternating shades of brown.  Looked at the white tiger and water buffalo then left.  Went to the grocery store and market.  Bought 3 small Ono filets for dinner with fresh green beans.  Stopped to have a root beer float on the way to the car.  We returned the movies, went to the park and a drive because the kids fell asleep.  Filled 2 water bottles.  Richie had a fit because I forgot his can of juice in the car.  Relaxed before bed.  All in all, a pretty good day.

Sunday, 5/29
Richie woke up begging to do math this morning so we spent 45 minutes doing math.  We matched numbers and shapes, counted macaroni and drew lines around nummbers.  Went for a drive.  Called Ray.  Tried a few times to call Dad but it was always busy.  Pizza Hut for dinner.  Went to the park.  Richie went out the gat by himself so we left.  Not enough power for more than 10 minutes of lights tonight.  Flashlight worked for another 5 before it quit too.  Good thing it was almost bedtime anyway!

Monday, 5/30: Memorial Day
Puttered around the boat this morning working on the solar again.  Not sure if I did any good or not.  Had a small brown bird (finch?) come into the cabin a few times this morning.  He'd perch on the door then hop to the sink and fly to the counter then leave for awhile before returning.  Richie did math again.  Called Florence to get Ray's hotel info.  Went to the volcano and the kids napped then drove up Mona Loa.  It is a one lane, narrow, winding road most of the way up.  Very pretty since it goes through the forest with trees touching overhead.  Stopped at the fire station by the park and Richie got a tour of the fire turck and ambulance.  Then walked to the park.  The boat was sitting funny so I had another boat watch the kids while I snorkeled.  All was ok.  Tried to make mac & cheese but Richie distracted me as I was drainin the noodles.  The went in the sink.  I threw them out.  Tichie had a fit but don't think he will pester me when cooking again.  He had the last few noodles still in the pot, bread, and half a banana for dinner and I had the other half.  I think my not eating upset him and made him realize his actions have consequences.  He distracted my cooking dinner so no dinner.  I wasn't hungry anyhow.

Tuesday, 5/31
Pancakes and papaya for breakfast.  Bailed out the dingy.  That seems to be the routine - play, breakfast, bail dinghy, play until late morning then leave.  Not enough power for lights tonight.  Hope for sun tomorrow.

Wednesday, 6/1
Ugh!  Richie wouldn't eat lunch or take a nap so he was extra fussy all day.  Went to the doctor this afternoon about my heel.  He perscribed antibiotic, told me to soak it in epsom salt and come back Friday plus got a tetnus shot.  Not enough power for lights again tonight.

Thursday, 6/2
Richie had a good appetite today.  Called Ray.  We got mixed up on the time.  He wasn't there the first try but was when I called again an hour later.  Gave the outside of the boat a bath this morning using the deck brush from the dinghy.  It came clean except the rub mark from Ko Olina.  The red nav light was on whent I got back so I asked the couple from Gambit to come over while I went inside just to be sure everything was ok.  Looked like someone came aboard, looked around then left because little things were out of place.  Nothing broken or missing.  Cherios for dinner (Richie's idea).

Friday, 6/3
Started the motor.  It ran 5 minutes then quit after making a funny squeal.  Wouldn't start again.  Karen got her shots.  Went back to the doctor about my heal.  He cut away the dead skin then dug around and pulled out a tiny piece of glass about the size of a pin head.  Feels much better.  Not its just sore.  Guess the glass was pretty deep which is why it was still in the re.  Richie was very well behaved today.  Drove to teh volcano so he could run while I fed Karen.  I was craving mashed potaoto and gravy so we went to Ken's for dinner.  Yummy pineapple upside down cake with passion fruit sauce for dessert.  Kinda expensive but its been a hard day and Richie was being good.  Cleaned inside the main cabin and bathroom this morning.  Nothing missing.  Only 1 other boat at anchor since Gambit moved over to the wall this afternoon.  (Ray notes: 'the wall' was an area where you could tie up to shore.  Most boats chose to do this, only a few anchored out permanently.  There was only limited room there though, so if there were a lot of boats in the harbor more had to anchor out.  We never did tie up to the wall, once we got in a routine it seemed more trouble to move, and we felt fine where we were at.)  I had enough power for 1 light tonight.

Things to tell Ray tomorrow:
Saturday, 6/4
I couldn't sleep last night so I did the most boring yet quiet chore I could think of--bailing the bilge in the bathroom.  It has no pump so I had to use a pot and sponge.  It was half full of water - glad to get rid of it.  Cornbread muffins for breakfast.  Made a macaroni salad from Richie's leftover turkey for lunch.  A bit of sun this morning allowed the battery to get charged.  Tried the motor again.  It started fine but quit right away.

Sunday, 6/5
Rain all day so we stayed on the boat.  Richie didn't like it.  He took a nap in the afternoon after crying and screaming for over an hour.  He was so tired!  Poor boy still can't just lie down and sleep when he gets too tired.  The rain quit briefly after his nap so we took the garbage ashore and got water.  Started raining again at dinner.

Monday, 6/6
Called Ray at 930 am.  Had to get everyone up and ready early.  We have been lazy in the mornings not leaving until it gets hot around noon.  Decided to try the other laundry-mat.  It was bigger and cleaner but also busier.  Richie wanted to run but couldn't because of all the people.  He got upset.  I was upset because he kept going around the corner out of sight.  Karen picked up on it and got upset.  Finally when only half the laundry was folded a lady says to me about karen crying "Mom, she's loosing patience".  That was teh last straw.  I said to her "She's not the only one!"  We packed and left.  The cleaner area wasn't worth the emotional stress.  We won't go back there.  Got gas then Richie asked to go to the volcano so he could take a nap in the car.  Picked up a woman hitch-hiking who wanted to go to the volcano.  She is from Oslo.  Spent the rest of the day together showing her around.  Came back to Hilo for pizza then back up to the volcano to see the glow.  Almost 11 pm when we got back to the boat so I left the laundry in the car.

Tuesday, 6/7
Gave Richie a haricut and trimmed my bangs this morning then went to Subway for lunch.  Richie wasnted to go to Kona.  We got about 20 miles past the volcano park when the car died going up a hill.  Had to use the emergency brake to stop.  No idea what happened.  Got it started again after about 5 minutes.  Luckily there was no traffic and a bit of a shoulder to get off onto before the steering locked due to no power.  Turned around and drove carefully back to Hilo.  Everytime it shifted it bucked badly plus it had no power and running real low RPM.   Only got 35-40 uphill.  It overshifted once and went into the red then I had to use the emergency brake to slow down when going downhill.  Returned it to the airport and got a Cavalier (red) instead.  Loaded all our stuff and the kids into it then noticed it was more expensive than the other one even though the new one issmaller.  I asked the clerk why.  She wasn't sure how to credit the difference but rather than just 3 days of new car she made something up which got us a refund of over $200.  Plus a fuel credit for both cars so we don't have to return it full of gas.  Initially all I asked for was 1 fee day since I wasted teh day to bring it back.  I like the $200 plus fuel credit better though :).

Wednesday, 6/8
Ugh.  2 am and I can't sleep.  Doesn't help that the ceiling above the bunk started leaking again.  Read for awhile.  I like it here.  None of the nightmare scenarios about being on the boat alone with 2 young kids have come to be.  Everyone is very friendly, helpful and understanding.  Looking forward to Ray getting back though.  The battery is again taking a charge (albeit slower than before).  The 3 new water bottles keep me in drinking water so I haven't had to fill the 5 gallon jugs yet but they are getting low.  Right now my concern is the engine but the anchor is holding and no big weather is predicted.  If teh sun comes out tomorrow I will caulk the cracks on the deck to hopefully stop the leaks.  Still slowly loosing weight.  Lost another pound this week and 10 or so lince leaving Alaska.  Only 12 more to loose until my drivers license won't lie.  Drinking a coup of mocha mix Karli left.  Hope it helps me to get to sleep.  The seats in the other car are more comfortable so perhaps I can nap when the kids do in the car tomorrow.  Off to bed again.  Wish me luck.  If not, I have lots to read.

After lunch we drove to the volcano then toward Kona.  We spent an hour at a state park relaxing.  Dinner was at the Manago Hotel.  We split a pork chop dinner since it comes with 2.  The boat is infested with tiny fruit flies I can't seem to get rid of them no matter how clean I keep the cabin and do dishes.  Hopefully they will go away once we start sailing again and get away from land.  We are anchored so close to the shore here that a fisherman's line landed onthe boat this morning when he cast!

Thursday, 6/9
Got up early to pick up Ray at the airport.  We then drove to Volcano House for a yummy buffet breakfast.  Even Richie at a lot.  Went grocery shopping and planned the repairs we need to get done before leaving for Alaska.  Went with the family from Gambit to Ken's Pancake House for dinner.  We all walked since they already returned their rental car.  It rained on the way back so we stopped at a diner to wait out the shower.  Drove to Waimea in the aafternoon and looked around 2 historic houses on the Parker Ranch.  One is large and fancy with expensive art inside.  The other is old, 2 story entirely of Koa wood inside.

Friday, 6/10
Spent the afternoon at the volcano and had a ncie dinner at Volcano House.  After dinner we drove to look at the lava glows.

Saturday, 6/11
Spent the morning working on the boat electrical installing the solar control panel and external plug, mounting the propane control panel (previously we'd been shutting the propane off by hand) and general wire cleanup.  We then relaxed.  I made some popcorn and read.  We drove the saddle road to Waimea for dinner, a 4 hour round trip.

5 years later, Ray writes:
There is a gap in the log/diary from here until July 5.  We spent about another week in Hilo, working on the boat, getting it ready to sail to Alaska, driving around and generally having a nice time.  I can recreate a bit of what we did from the photos we took:
6/17 we drove up the Saddle Road and had a picnic up there.  Spent a good bit of the day poking around there and then continued on up and returned via Waimea.
6/18 We went to the petting zoo in the afternoon and then Kaumana Caves in the afternoon.  The caves were neat; we wished we had more time to explore them.
6/19  We drove up the Saddle Road again.  Also took photos of Richie climbing the ladder and Frankie hoisting Karen up the wall (to get out of the dingy in the harbor).
6/20  We returned the rental car in the morning, and finally left Hilo in the later afternoon, timing our arrival at the volcano close to dusk so we could see the lava pouring into the ocean.  It didn't disapoint us.  We didn't approach very close (maybe half a mile), we'd heard the water is very hot when you get close, and also the lava generates chlorine gas.  We spent that night at sea, doing our usual shifts.
6/21 We spent the day at sea, and that night too.
6/22 [Hilo to Lono Harbor 253.5 kts, 291.5 statute] We anchored in Lono Harbor on Molokai and were beset by bees!  We were quite disappointed; we'd planned to spend a day or two here, but the bees drove us away!
6/23 [Lono Harbor to Keehi Harbor 41.4 knts, 47.6 statute miles] Due to the bees (which at least went away overnight) we left and had a great sail to Honolulu
6/24-27 We spent this time getting ready for the sail to Midway and Alaska; installed the autopilot, ordered 2 new mast wires, etc.
6/28 Visited the Biship's Museum, which has some great pre-contact Polynesian artifacts.
6/29 Made a last trip to Sam's club.  It fully loaded the dinghy to get all our food supplies aboard!
6/30 We had two mast wires that were going bad, so I climbed to the top of the mast and replaced them.
7/1 When we'd driven by the zoo the day before, Frankie and I had tried to discuss going for a visit without letting Richie know that was what we were discussing by spelling 'Z O O'.  Didn't work--he knew how to spell zoo, and piped up "are we going to the zoo?"!!  So we just had to visit it...turned out to be a real nice zoo.
7/2 Brent and his wife came and visited us, and in the afternoon we went to the Polynesean Cultural Center.  If we'd realized we the ticket was good for 2 days we would have come sooner, but we didn't.  And we had to return the rental car early the next day. 

Frankie resumes:
Sunday, 7/3
Did the last minute fresh food shopping this morning.  I also got a new pair of shoes since the old ones have worn out soles and hurt my feet.  We grabbed lunch from Wendy's drive through (Richie's choice).  Ray dropped us and the stuff off at the dock then returned the car.  It was a little late but they didn't charge us overtime.  We spent the rest of the afternoon organizing and putting stuff away.  Before sunset, Ray went up the mast and put on the other new mast shroud.  Elmar came over for dinner and stayed until almost 11 pm.  We saw 2 firework shows around dinnertime.

For our trip from Hawaii back to Alaska, please see the next logbook.

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