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As most of you know, Ray is sailing his old sailboat, the Acrux, from Valdez Alaska to Seattle to be completely refurbished. He had an Iridium Satellite Phone while crossing the Gulf of AK. I (Frankie) will update this site each morning (or when he contacts me). He has backups of just about all safety/communication equipment including: GPS (thanks Matt), flare kits, EPIRB (distress beacons), compass, sextant. He has a marine radio, but not sure how much it will be on if things are going good. He will be sailing across the Gulf of AK then down the Inside Passage. He left Valdez the afternoon of June 23, 2003 and arrived in Ketchikan August 10, 2003 in the evening, and at the PMC boatyard in Ballard (Seattle) on August 28, 2003.

Position Log: where he is and any other interesting comments he gives me
Weather briefs: weather reports I give him crossing the Gulf of AK

Why Seattle? We wanted to rebuild the Acrux, and the shipyard we like best (Professional Marine Construction) was there.  (In 2002 we had gone to Seattle and interviewed many boatyards to determine which one we liked the best.)

Ship's Log:
    Part 1: Valdez to Ketchikan, 7/23/03 to 8/10/03
    Part 2: Ketchikan to Seattle, 8/11/03 to 8/28/03