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ISECCo's Web Site

This history won't be entirely complete. But we will strive to keep it as accurate as possible.

The amount of time spent on each link is derived from our hours file, in which we record what we have been working on. Occasionally hours fail to get logged (we are an entirely volunteer organization so there is little incentive to keep accurate records of the hours we work).

This history has links going to the new things we've added, so this file doubles as our "What's New" as well. Because of this (and also to make it easier reading for repeat visitors) we have written this in reverse-date order. That is to say, the newest stuff is first.

The times listed are in the form of (hhmm/hhmm) [eg 1:30/4:25]. The first time listed is the time spent that day; the second time is the total time spent on that portion of the web site. This is, as yet, strictly experimental. If it becomes too cumbersome to keep up we'll have to drop it. [5/23/02: it did, so we have...mostly; see note below.]

Spring and summer 2002 :
We have not been maintaining this for a number of years. We are leaving the following for those who just want to see how we were doing it. For those of you who are really interested, we have recently been concentrating on getting migrated from our old web host to our new; this has pretty much excluded expanding the site. We've put in a lot of work (Thanks, Scott!) on getting the new site set up and getting our files a little more uniform.

6-30-99 Finished the complete rewrite of the entire web site; published as version 2. This will restart all the times.

Caution: many of the links below have been moved, or no longer exist. If there is one you would particularly like to see send us a note and we can find our archived version.

8-1-98 Complete rewrite of the main page. (4/4)

5-17-97 Major review of all links, with minor rewriting of certain files.

2-13-96 to 4/30/97. Minor revisions, few of which were uploaded.

2-13-96 Considerations for Planetary Colonization (6:00/6:00)

2-13-96 Free Membership Offered! (0:10/0:10)

1-1-96 Marsh Gas Experiment (0:30/9:00)

1-1-96 Outline (0:30/5:00)

1-1-96 Directions (1:00/1:00)

1-1-96 Map (1:00/1:00)

12-31-95 Mars Base 0 (0:45/0:45)

12-31-95 Outline (1:30/4:30)

12-31-95 To-do page (0:30/0:30)

12-31-95 Join page (0:45/8:15)

12-30-95 Join page (7:30/7:30)

12-30-95 Press Release Page (0/0)

12-30-95 Interview (0:30/0:30)

12-29-95 Copyright Page (0:15/0:15)

12-29-95 Links (1:00/1:00)

12-29-95 Thanks (0:15/0:15)

12-29-95 Write (0:10/0:10)

12-29-95 Glossary (0:30/0:30)

12-29-95 Office (0:25/0:25).

12-29-95 History [this page] (2:00/2:00)

12-29-95 About (0:15/0:15)

12-28-95 Marsh Gas Experiment (5:00/8:30)

12-28-95 Outline (3:00/3:00)

12-27-95 Earthworm paper (2:00/2:00)

12-26-95 Projects Page (1:00/1:00)

12-26-95 Initial setup


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