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We thank them, one and all!

If you care to be listed here, please contact us. We are more than happy to list you here with a minimum donation of $2 per month, paid annually. There is a $1 set-up fee for contributions less than $50. If you have a web site let us know what it is so we can provide a link. Business sponsors are listed (approximately) in order of the amount of contribution. Individual contributors are alphebetized. We reserve the right to drop anyone who has not contributed in the past year.

Business Sponsors

TANSTAAFL Inc. Employees Cash, labor, heavy equipment and materials
Silicon Rush
The land where we put up Mars Base Zero; Computer support
Fears Automotive
A really great auto replair shop here in Fairbanks; I've been going there for years and never had a single complaint or problem with their service. 456-6635
Holm Town Nursery (907) 451-8733 Discount on plastic we purchased
Hydrofarm Discount on the lights we bought from them
Bucher Glass Greatly reduce prices for glass we put in Mars Base Zero; cash donations
Alaska Feed Fish food
Expert Plumbing and Heating
Cash donations; they are friendly and do quality work.  If you are in Fairbanks and need their services their local number is 456-drip (3747)
Warbelow's Air
Cash donations; they fly to many destinations in Alaska delivering mail, freight, and otherwise acting as the main transport to our vast roadless regions.  They also do great tours!
Cash donations; they are dedicated to developing the resources needed to "build 1000 settlements on planets, moons, asteroids, and space stations."

Individual Cash or Labor Donations

Disclaimer: not all people who have helped us over the years are listed here...but the more important ones are. 
If you want to be credited here just send us a little contribution!

Frankie C.
Tamer S.
Abe S.
David K.
Ray C.
Laura S.
Helena B.
Fred N.
Debi-Lee W.
Richard G.
Kraig S.
Jim A.
Ruth F.
Fred N.
Eli S.
Michael D.
Chandra S.
Patrick W.
Mike D.
Michael B.
Mike A.
Ray B.
Robert H.
Holmes Family

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