Case Studies: Reducing Oil Consumption


Case Study 1:   Family of 4 (My household): 2 adults, 2 kids under 6.  A 3,000 square foot log home.

Prior consumption rates:
  Approximate 2006 consumption rates: 2006 totals 1,700 gallons of petroleum products used, a reductionof 1,200 gallons or 41%!

Discussion & future plans:

We have made large inroads on our fuel consumption.  We have continued our efforts into 2007, burning more coal and less heating oil; purchased a new car (a Civic Hybrid) which gets nearly 50 mpg instead of 30 and increased use of the scooter.  We have also upgraded the biodiesel production facility and intend to burn more biodiesel in the truck and house.

Case study 2: An 8 plex of eight 2-bedroom apartments (about 6,500 square feet total)

Prior consumption rates:
Approximate 2006 consumption:

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