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A corner in Ray Collins' basement was walled off using visqueen (plastic sheeting). The object of this is to build an area where we could do crop experiments during the winter, and experiment with different lighting techniques and integration of different subsystems such as earthworms and soil, or fish and hydroponics. This was operated during the winter, when the heat load generated by the lights would help heat the house. We had considerable success with these systems, and ran it for several winters.

The floor area is about 4 meters by 7 meters (12 feet by 20 feet), with a ceiling height of about 2 meters (7 feet). This encloses about 55 cubic meters (1680 cubic feet), which in theory is enough to nearly support a person. We were not using it for that purpose (nor would our electrical supply handle the demand that would require). Our purpose was to experiment with various subsystems of CELSS {defined} technology. This was very successful; we gained valuable insight into running a more closed system than our very open garden.


An abbreviated list of experiments and trials run in the Basement Biosphere:

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