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The International Space Exploration & Colonization Company

Humankind forever seeks to expand its horizons and space is the next great challenge. The unlimited resources of space are practically within humanity's grasp. We have touched other celestial bodies; with our space probes we have explored other planets, and human footprints are on the moon. Despite overwhelming interest, mass participation in space is limited. Thus far we are but visitors to space. Colonization is the next big step.

We formed The International Space Exploration and Colonization Company to help develop the technologies needed to colonize space. We provide a means by which members can become a part of the space movement. We are developing core groups in areas around the world. We rely on these groups for creative ideas, financial support, research and membership expansion. If we do not have a group in your area and you'd like to run one for us please let us know!

We began the process of legalizing ISECCo in 1988. This was to provide our activities with a formal foundation from which to work. Since then we have completed the legal requirements for a non-profit corporation in the United States. We are incorporated in the State of Alaska, and have received our 501(c)(3) non-profit status from the IRS.

Concurrent with these activities (the non-profit status took 5+ years!) we began our first major project: Nauvik. This 40' diameter dome will be used to develop Closed Ecological Life Support Systems (defined), a key technology for space colonization. To do preliminary CELSS research we are building a closed greenhouse which we have nicknamed Mars Base 0. ISECCo is also involved in the construction of a hanger/house, which will be our international headquarters and will house up to 16 volunteers, not to mention provide an indoor construction area for projects like robots to test teleoperation. We have a lot of other fantasies we have compiled a partial listing of, but do not expect to achieve many in the foreseeable future.

In the short time ISECCo has been in existence we have grown from a small group of dedicated enthusiasts to a strong international organization. The greatest emigration ever undertaken is about to begin. Over the next few centuries civilization will spread throughout the solar system. Join ISECCo and be in the vanguard of the greatest movement mankind has ever undertaken.

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