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Please fill in the following form, so we know a little about you and how you would like us to interact with you (such as getting meeting notices).

We maintain an electronic mailing list. This is primarily for meeting notices. While we don't expect our members who aren't local to attend, the notices serve to keep them up to date on what we are doing. Occasionally we will send out a project update, which reviews how we are progressing and our overall objectives. This is the best way to interact with us, so if you have any interest at all I urge you to add your name to our list of space enthusiasts.

**Please note that our member files are confidential. We do not distribute the information you provide us.

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We would appreciate your filling out the entire form. However, if all you want is to be on our email list(s), you can check here and submit the form (at the bottom).

We have a number of membership types, depending on your depth of commitment. If you would like to learn more about any particular type of membership, click on it.

Membership Type Average Contribution
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Interested Observer $10/5 years
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The donation amounts are guidelines; click on the membership type and read the description if you wish to see the range.

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Occasionally we are able to accommodate members visiting or moving to Fairbanks, Alaska from other areas. If you wish to find out more about this please indicate which of the following you would be interested in. Please note when we say room and board we are not talking about putting you up at a hotel. Most likely it will be a vacant apartment owned by TANSTAAFL Inc.

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The following is a partial list of space organizations. We have included links to encourage you to join them; the more working toward space, the faster it will be developed! Are we missing your favorite organization? Please send us a note with their name so we can add them!) Please check which other organizations you belong to:

Space Studies Institute     National Space Society
Planetary Society     League of New Worlds
British Interplanetary Society     The Mars Society
The First Millennial Foundation     Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
The Artemis Project       Other:
  Other:       Other:

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Thanks for your interest!

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