Christmas letter photos 2008 (well, actually mailed during March and April 2009).  To see a larger image (warning: these are large files),
click on the link in the description (sorry, couldn't make MS Word deal with these right, so didn't put in clickable images).

To see a larger image of each photo, click the description.  All photos copyright by Ray R. Collins; unless labled all photos by Ray.

(Clockwise)  1.  On the trip to Kodiak: Richard & Geneís dog Fred in the cab of the old Red Ford (which we moved to Kodiak);  2. Wild bison with suckling calf (photo by Richard); 3. Richard on the beach.  4.  Ray driving the Ford through the Alaska Range (photo by Richard).  5. Frankie and Richard putting in pre-plants in the garden.

(From top left):  Richard measures a balloon for his science fair experiment; Ray & Richard; Karen & Richard; Richardís 6th birthday cake; Frankie & the Smyth family at their boat in Florida; Richard makes marshmallow molecules; Christmas í08; Karenís 4th birthday cake; Karen, Richard & Ray review a map of South America and the Atlantic Ocean.


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