I (Ray) gave a short speech about some of my favorite memories:

Mom was a great pilot.  She got her pilot’s license before she got her driver’s license and, with Florence Robinson-Weber, bought their first plane, a Cessna 140, in 1950. They flew the plane to Alaska and spent the next 6 years exploring Alaska with it.

The 140 was a great plane for flying around, but the Florence’s were doing geology and for that they decided to get a better plane: a Super Cub on floats, which they bought in 1956.  Flying to Alaska on floats was an adventure few guys would tackle in the 1950’s—gas was hard to find and the places you could get it were few and far between.  Even 40 years later when I considered flying south Mom discouraged me due to the difficulty in finding fuel!  But they made it without trouble, even flying to northern Canada (down the MacKenzie River to the arctic ocean), before flying on to Fairbanks.
Mom was occasionally teased that the Super Cub was why Dad married her!  It is likely that having the Super Cub contributed to their getting to know one another, for Mom would fly it to Minchumina to visit Dad.  They would often fly to local lakes for picnics, often bringing both float planes (Dad had a Cessna 140 on floats) so friends could join them.  They married in 1957, and spent most of their honeymoon flying around the lower 48.

After my sisters and I were born Mom flew less and less, and she almost stopped flying entirely when we bought the Cessna 180, which she never felt comfortable flying.  She did continue to fly into the late 1970’s, when she began to get dizzy spells and had to stop flying entirely due to them.  Even after she stopped flying herself she still loved to get up in the air with family, friends and on the mail plane.

The Cessna 140 has remained in the family, and my sisters are still flying it.  I crashed the Super Cub in 1979, and we sold it to Arvid Weflin, who completely rebuilt it.