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The Wonderful World of Frankie: Links to our various travels before we got married, her family, and our wedding.

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Our Photos

Adventures on the Acrux, our 48' trimaran sailboat

Ray's Mom passed away 11/4/15.  A Memorial to her.
Ray's peak oil blog

Welcome to our world wide web site. We first wrote this over the winter of 2003-4, and are still (forever) working on it. So please pardon any gaps you may find.

This web site is written primarily for our own entertainment. But if you have comments you think would improve it please let us know!

This page is primarily a link into our individual pages.

This web page first created in December, 2003.  It resides on a friend's computer (thanks Matt!), which is not always guaranteed to be up, so if you ever try to come here and don't find it, just try again later.

Intermittent upgrade history: